We Are Committed To Provide The Best To Live In Joy

We in Let’s Live are committed to providing the best for our customers and are equally committed to empowering the people who work with us. In this regard, several individuals who are passionate about their skill, have come on board to enlighten us with the knowledge that they acquired over time. We would like to acknowledge all such individuals who have given their valuable time to share their knowledge. Below, we have listed such individuals.

Helen Parkins
Helen ParkinsCEO & Founder
Eric Widget
Eric WidgetCTO & Partner
Jason Response
Jason ResponseCFO & Partner
Dylan Meringue
Dylan MeringueDirector of Operations
Will Barrow
Will BarrowHR Director
Indigo Violet
Indigo VioletBusiness Development
Gordon Norman
Gordon NormanDevelopment Manager
Richard Tea
Richard TeaDesign Manager