During peak summer, the sun is at its hottest between 1.00pm to 4.00pm. Summer is also the time when kids have their vacation and want to play outside with their playmate friends. If you or your kids expose yourselves to the sun during this time, UV rays that come along with the sunlight will have a debilitating effect on your skin. Many problems like prickly heat rash, sunstroke, skin cancer etc can come about due to harmful sun’s rays
So, how to take care of the problems caused by heat? Read on!

With direct sunlight and heat, sweat and salt discharges happen heavily from the body. To replenish these, one should be kept well hydrated with lots of water, buttermilk and pure fruit juices. Avoid carbonated drinks.


Store water in a mud pot. Mix in VETTI VER, NANNARI VER and SABJA seeds. These ingredients add flavor to the water and is a natural way to sweeten it. Mud pot keeps the water cool naturally and so the kids will love to drink it. This is a sure shot way to beat the heat!

Vegetables like CHOW CHOW, PEERKAI, SURAKKAI, PUDALAI and PUMPKIN contain lots of water content in them. So plan to cook and eat these during peak summers

When it is very hot, its best to wear clothes which are made of pure cotton since they absorb sweat and keep you cool. Be sure to take a bath twice everyday, morning and evening. Take a head shower at least twice a week. This will keep the body temperatures in check. For best results soak fenugreek seeds and VETTI VER in water for 15 minutes before taking a shower.

Just following the above steps will definitely alleviate harmful effects of summer and keep you cool!
Take care and stay healthy.

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