What is an eclipse, as we all know, eclipse is the earth receives a partial light from either sunlight or moonlight when moon enters in between sun and earth, it is called solar eclipse when earth covers the moon. And thereby the moon cannot reflect the light from the sunlight because earth is hiding the moon. It is called lunar eclipse. Both the eclipses don’t mean anything to the animals, except for the change in the light.but traditionally, it is not just a change in the if it is only a change in the light, the food won’t get spoiled, traditionally.

It is told the food exposed during eclipse is not to be consumed, so after the eclipse, we have take bath. The food should be prepared fresh and then consume. This is what traditionally has been recommended by our ancestors. Is it really that something happens to our full, why do they keep the rubber grass over the food and water to prevent it from getting some bad thing during the eclipse, so what is it.

Biologically, animals can only react to the light variation. It does not know about the planet variation. They might feel something like when a tsunami comes before earthquake animals know it, they migrate. They take protection, but human beings are not aware of it unless we study about planets and its effects. We also do not know what is eclipse. We think it is a short span of darkness, that’s all we know, so what is this actual thing happening, is it only a change the light during the eclipse if there is only a small change in the light during eclipse, how does the pounder stands straight during eclipse, you might have seen this. It stands straight after eclipse over it fall down, so how does this happen? So how does that light change affect a pounder standing straight. And how does it know that has to fall down after eclipse is over, although it cannot come up straight by itself, is a keeps straight, it stands still. And it falls exactly when the eclipse is over, which means there is something phenomenal happening towards the earth in the earth because of the eclipse.

If you understand earth receives light only from two cosmic objects. 1 is the sun and the moon moon is only reflecting the sunlight, but still it gives a considerable amount of light to the earth. During night time. It would also be giving something in the daytime, so we also see moonlight in daytime, though we do not see the actual moonlight. We see the moon because it is giving a light as a reflection from the sun. So it is visible, which means there is an effect from the planet on our earth during full moon and new moon day. The wave tides are higher. There is a remarkable change in the way the ship fail people who are mentally affected behave definitely differently during new moon and full moon days, so there is a considerable amount of change in our body because of these two planets, which gives light stars do not give light, but because they have light from themselves, we are able to see them in the dark.

Obviously, stars are very, very far from sun and moon, because stars are also kind of sun, they emit light. We are able to see only few. We are able to see only little of them because they’re very far, probably they don’t even exist now because those light have been emitted long back, and it is traveling, and it’s coming to us by time the light  reaches us, maybe that stars have even moved. This is what people who study planets, but there are 27 stars, which we believe has effect on our body of our minds, and so many happenings in our lives based on astrology. Now if there is an effect on our body because of this planetary moment, what should we do for our help during an eclipse, we are sure it is not just a change in the light, there is definitely a change in the earth in our body. Probably because of the effect of these planets, there is a light change. Is there also a heat change light gives us heat, but not always in the same level, the same sunlight in a health station is not using the same heat. The heat is different because the heat absorbing capacity in that hill station can be different, so every phenomena acts individually, there is definitely a chemical reaction happening in our body because of the light. a brief light is enough for the plans to perform photosynthesis production of the food because of the light activity from the sunlight or in light, in fact. By the light creates an activity, so this light can also do some activity in body. This is what we called us circadian rhythms. The Daily night and day tells your body to do something and do something else in other time. If we don’t obey this, definitely, there is going to be something wrong in our body, which we may know now or we may not know, but the change is definite. Though it is for a very brief time, eclipse will definitely be having some effect on our body.

It is wise to follow the traditional advice than believing the people who claim mythology or superstition as something fake and false, because science will realize things later because the approach of what science has taken is not metaphysical. It is only physical, only what they can see, only what they can measure it. They will apply what is not being measured or what cannot be sensed by their parameters and their machines equipments, what they have, they cannot find about it. They cannot talk about it it, but our ancestors have used it. This hardware as a sensor, which can work with a different frequency depending upon the journey, what their mind and the soul takes. So they have done experiments in a different level.

We are having abundant wealth in those terms apartheid science, so we should use them. It is recommended or it is better to stay stomach empty during eclipse, whether eclipse is visible to us or not. Definitely, it would affect the whole earth because the whole is a single unit, so in one side, something happens. The other side, at least the waves would be traveling. It is better sometime before sometime after and during eclipes, please keep your stomach empty. Also, it is better if you refrain from doing any creative activity be clam during the transition of the day. The Sandhya kala is mentioned to keep quiet and indulge in only some devotion activities like praying like meditating, being silent, come quiet. Not sleeping, not eating, so every day when there’s a change in the light pattern of the day, there are some rights and rituals mentioned. Eclipse is a huge one when compared to Sandhya kala , it is only wise to follow that because we are not able to see what happens during eclipse, our Sandhya kala does not mean nothing happens. Somebody has seen.

We should have faith on our ancestors. And it is only wise to keep our stomach empty during eclipse. If you think nothing happens because the clips somebody say something happens, why not follow it, so being on fruit are liquid food like fruit juices after eclipse, maybe the best diet to start with after eclipse, consider taking bath after eclipse. It’ll be really beneficial, do not avoid eclipse as just a phenomenon. It definitely will have effect on the beings on this earth. It is because of the planetary positions and the influence our earth is able to harbour life, do not underestimate the power the other planets apart from our earth, so consider eclipse as an important event in even consider changing your office timing during eclipse. If you are the boss, please consider it because your consideration can help many people not disobey their mythological belief, but it is also meant to have some amount of changes in the body light are chemical race. They are not just light rays, they can induce chemical change in the body.

Disclaimer : This video was prepared by Dr.Shakthi Vijayan in his personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this video is of the author’s own.