Fasting – Therapeutic Fasting

By |2021-10-31T18:11:01+05:30October 30, 2021|

What is Therapeutic Fasting ? There are many kinds of fasting. But we use therapeutic fasting in nature cure to revive person's energy conditions so that energy can be utilised effectively in working towards clearing the organism from any diseases at that present moment according to the view point of the body not according ... Read More


By |2021-08-11T14:04:54+05:30May 30, 2021|

We have a video for you today from our Ayurveda specialist Dr. Pushpalatha. In this video, she enlightens us about the health benefits of one of the quintessential ingredients of the Indian kitchen “Turmeric”. Turmeric is used in many home remedies and she explains the hows and whys of this magical ingredient. As everyone ... Read More

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