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Dr Pushpalatha | Ayurveda Doctor | An Expedition of Life in Healing | Ep-1

By |2021-12-09T15:18:07+05:30December 9, 2021|

I am Doctor K.Pushpalatha, retired professor from government of Ayurvedic Medical College, Bangalore, Karnataka. I was born in Bangalore in the year 1951, so I am a native of Bangalore. I am from a middle class Kannada speaking family, my father was working for Military Engineering Services. Soon I was born, my father was ... Read More

Does solar eclipse have an impact on food and Human beings

By |2021-12-03T21:40:51+05:30December 3, 2021|

What is an eclipse, as we all know, eclipse is the earth receives a partial light from either sunlight or moonlight when moon enters in between sun and earth, it is called solar eclipse when earth covers the moon. And thereby the moon cannot reflect the light from the sunlight because earth is hiding ... Read More

Kattuyanam Red Rice – Grain with SuperPowers!

By |2021-12-11T21:43:33+05:30November 27, 2021|

One of the most consumed grains in the world is Rice. For many in our families, a meal is incomplete if rice is not eaten in our meals. This edible starchy cereal grain, a mainstay in our breakfast, lunch & dinner is a good source of glucose that the body needs for its energy. ... Read More

Diwali – symbol of victory of good overcoming evil

By |2021-11-04T21:14:02+05:30November 4, 2021|

दिपावली वाईट गोष्टींवर मात करुन चांगल्या गोष्टींच्या विजयाचे प्रतिक म्हणून दिपावली सण साजरा होतो. हा सण किमान 3 हजार वर्षे जुना आहे. प्रभू श्रीराम सीतेला घेऊन लंकेवरुन अयोध्येला परत आले तो दिवस अयोध्यावासीयांनी उत्साहात साजरा केला तो दिवाळीचा सण म्हणूनही रुढ झाला. दीप हा मांगल्याचे प्रतिम मानले जाते. त्याच्या प्रकाशाने जीवनातील अंधकार दूर व्हावा ... Read More

Fasting – Therapeutic Fasting

By |2021-10-31T18:11:01+05:30October 30, 2021|

What is Therapeutic Fasting ? There are many kinds of fasting. But we use therapeutic fasting in nature cure to revive person's energy conditions so that energy can be utilised effectively in working towards clearing the organism from any diseases at that present moment according to the view point of the body not according ... Read More

Navratri Ghatasthapana – a classical farming culture

By |2021-10-10T17:32:47+05:30October 10, 2021|

नवरात्रौत्सव : देवीच्या उपासनेची परंपरा पुष्कळ पूर्वीपासून भारतात चालत आलेली आहे. देवीचे मूळ रूप निर्गुण असले, तरी तिच्या सगुण रूपाची उपासना करण्याची परंपरा भारतात प्रचलित आहे. कुलदेवी, ग्रामदेवी, शक्तीपीठ आदी रूपांमध्ये देवीच्या विविध सगुण रूपांची उपासना केली जाते. हिंदु संस्कृतीमध्ये जितके महत्त्व देवाला आहे, तितकेच देवीलाही आहे, हे विशेषत्वाने. पंचायतन पूजेमध्ये शिव, विष्णु, गणपति ... Read More

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